Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nature Wind Chimes

 We celebrated Halloween this week. For Anusha's craft lesson I thought of making wind chimes from natural materials. I think there is something a bit magical about wind chimes, the way they dance and make music with the breeze. And as Halloween was originally Samhain and a celebration of nature's harvest, I wanted to use natural items for our chimes.
 We each made a hanger for our chimes by winding rings out of thin branches of Dogwood, which Scott and the children collected from the bush along our driveway. You could use any type of bendy, flexible wood for this. We then secured the rings with hemp string and attached pieces of Dogwood across the centre. 
Elki did this by himself,
 while I helped Anusha with winding her ring and cutting the Dogwood. She did all the tying by herself.
 For our dangles Scott prepared pieces of cut Dogwood, which he lightly sanded on the ends. He helped the children to drill small holes on the ends for the string to go through. On some of the pieces they drilled holes on both ends so we could hang other items from them. 
The children and I went for a walk to collect a few special pieces to add to our chimes. Anusha found a beautiful feather and some leaves, I found some Gumnuts and Sheoak seeds, and Elki found a piece of bark, and some leaves.
 Then we decorated our chimes, using cotton to tie everything on. Elki got straight into this and finished his wind chime first. I helped Anusha with attaching all her pieces, with her showing me where she wanted everything to go. I also gave the children two bells each to add to the music making of their chimes.
I hung the children's beautiful chimes on our verandah. 
This is Elki's, the pretty spotted leaf was given to him by Anusha after she found it on our morning walk.
And this is Anusha's. 
Scott gave Anusha the small wood rounds to add to her chime. I love how the feather floats and dances in the breeze. 
I'm still yet to finish mine, after helping Anusha I thought we better continue on with our day. But I will finish it in the next couple of days. It is a really peaceful and relaxing activity, and I think we might be making more of these in the future.

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  1. I totally love these, and being Australian myself it is always refreshing to see natural things from my childhood.
    We might have to come up with a Swiss version very soon, before everything is covered in snow!

    1. Thank you Fiona! I would love to see your creations if you are able to beat the snow!

  2. These are so lovely! And I love how involved your children were in the process.
    Thanks for visiting Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!

  3. Thanks for this idea. I have a wind chime almost in every room) All of them I bought after reading this review But it seems easy to make it by myself)