Thursday, 31 January 2013


I haven't posted for a while now. I have doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about the way we homeschool and how to embark on this year in a positive and real way for our family. In a way that flows with our way of life and with each of the children as Elki nears his eleventh birthday and Anusha embarks on first grade! 

Of course I don't have all the answers yet, but in deciding to make some changes in the way I approach things I have decided to start a new blog, one that is purely focussed on our homeschooling journey. I've realised that writing and recording about our homeschool is what I really love to blog about. In a lot of ways it will be very similar to this blog but I hope will come to be a record of our years of learning together as a family, and will be a way to share this with family, friends and anyone who is interested in how others out there school at home. 

I will leave this blog up for now, I haven't decided yet whether I will take it down in the future, but if you would like, you can now visit me at  
And thank you very much to anyone who has taken time to stop by and have a read of my little blog xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Finally, My Jersey Cow

It's been a while since I've written a post, life keeping me busy, but this week bringing some very much needed time to slow down! We spent last weekend at the Cygnet Folk Festival, running our OrganicKinder stall and co-ordinating a stall for the Huon Valley Environment Centre. It was a hectic but great weekend. Our stalls were in the atmospheric Loongana park, with music playing, passers by to chat to, tempura mushrooms to delight, and full days of play with friends for the children. Also it was a good learning experience for us. We didn't sell as much as we had hoped, only as much a good local, monthly market, so we're not going to apply again next year. It just involved too much energy, time, cost, and loss of sleep! But another market experience under our belts!
In preparation for the festival I finally finished my latest little animal that I had been working on, Jersey Cow. When I finished him and showed him to the children, Anusha ran off with him, hugging him close, insisting he was hers! She actually broke down in tears when I had to put him away ready for the market. I will of course make her one, I'm thinking perhaps a whole set of animals might be her birthday present this year.

As with all my animals I made Jersey Cow from organic cotton yarn and stuffing. The beautiful earthy brown is actually naturally pigmented cotton! I really love it's subtle, soft colour. 
I have now added him to OrganicKinder on Etsy and Madeit, made to order, and on Sunday this little fella will come along with us to a market.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Walk In Russell State Forest

We had family and friends stay with us on Thursday night, and on Friday we took them for a walk in the Russell State Forest. 
It turned out to be the hottest day on Tasmanian record, at 41.8 degrees! So, it was a bit of a slog, but fantastic to get out in the forest and go on a bush walk after far too long!

 This view is of a plantation in front, the Russell State Forest to the right, and in the centre our little abode.

After the walk, we returned steaming and in need of an immediate cool down! 
We went for a very refreshing swim at our local waterhole, and then said goodbye to our visitors. 
It was a beautiful day, and really wonderful to see Scott's cousin, whom we hadn't seen for far too long. The children were in their absolute element spending time with family and friends and were sad to see them go, but hopefully they will be returning soon for another visit!

With the recent heat there has been terrible fires here in Tasmania, and many people have suffered greatly the last few days. Houses have been lost and fires still burn. We are, thankfully, in no immediate danger. There has been a lot of smoke being blown down to us, and this evening there was ash falling from the sky and the most brilliant red sunset...
I just wanted to send out hope for a better week this week for those families who have been affected by the fires, and to the animals out there in the forest. I hope recovery is not too far in the distance, and you find peace and normality soon x

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sailing New Year Boats & Baby Teething Blankies

I had a quiet night at home for New Year's Eve, celebrating with my family. I wanted to do something special for the children, and so after we had dinner, we sailed New Year boats.
 Earlier in the day the children and I started preparing for our celebration. 
We made our little boats from walnut shells and modelling wax, with a candle in each. And we made islands for our lake by filling jars with sand and sticking in flowering Tea Tree branches.
Then I finished the preparation before dinner by setting up the lake and our tray of boats. Pegged around the edge of the lake were clues, each one indicating where to find a small treat somewhere in the room.....
 When it was time to start we lit the centre candle, with which to light our candle masts.....then we took it in turns to sail a boat, making a wish for the new year as we set them afloat.....And where our boats came to shore we found the closest clue on the edge of the lake to find a little treat.
 It was a simple but fun and meaningful way to bring in the New Year, and a new tradition for our family. Afterward I read 'New Year's Eve' by Dan Lindholm, and then we sat down together and watched movies! The children were pretty chuffed by such a treaty night, and both made it to count down to midnight, happy and weary!

Today we have had a day at home, and Scott and I have been busy getting ready for the Cygnet Folk Festival, where we will be having a market stall.
I wanted to share this little guy with you, he is a bunny blanket buddy. The pattern is available on ravelry for free, and is a lovely gift for someone about to have a baby. I made my first one for my nephew last year and he fell in love with it so much that I have made him another for when his first is in the wash!
 Apparently he cannot do without it and will not go to sleep without his bunny (making me one very happy aunty!)
 My nephew inspired me to make my own version of this pattern, and after making adjustments, this is what I have come up with - my Teddy Teething Blankie.
 The head is very different to the original pattern, knitted in stockinette stitch and not in a tube.
 The ears are crocheted separately and then sewn on.
The main boday is also knitted in stockinette stitch and I have changed the stitch used for increasing. His little paws are also a bit longer.
I am making several of my Teddy Teething Blankies in different colours of organic cotton to sell at our market stall at the festival, and I'm thinking I may put him up on OrganicKinder on Etsy and Madeit aswell.

Happy New Year Blessings!

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Album

A Christmas Album of photos of time shared with my little family.....
 Anusha helping to grind the biscuits for our two pie bases on Christmas eve,
 Late night secret trampoline construction!
 A delightful breakfast of scrambled tofu on toast with roasted tomatoes and slow cooked mushrooms (thank you Scott).
 Elki very excited to receive a handmade broadsword from his father,
 and Anusha finally gets her long awaited, first pair of knitting needles!
 My happy boy,
 and father and daughter cuddles (with some chocolate too!)
 Anusha in her Christmas dress,
 and off to trampolining,
 and back again!
 Our garden gifts.
 This is one of my favourite desserts and a Christmas time tradition - Vegan Lemon Cream Pie, we shared this with a friend after dinner.
 And took this decadent Chocolate Tofu Pie to lunch with friends.
 On Boxing day Elki and Scott, and with a bit of help from Anusha, constructed Elki's Trebuchet that he got for Christmas
 first part completed,
 and onto the base,
then ready for action!

I hope you had a fun, happy, and loving Christmas too!